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Back when Greg Brice played the pubs, clubs and bars of the West Midlands he'd often find some of the toughest audiences you could imagine hanging on his every word within a few bars. His intricate fingerstyle guitar and strident electric slide connected in the raw and immediate way that only proper roots music can. And that voice – clear as a bell, powerful and pure.

Now, in the hush of the UK’s Blues and Americana clubs it's the quality of his songwriting that's capturing people's imagination. Within just days of launching his debut album crowdfunding campaign, those lucky enough to have already discovered him came out in force. They knew something that the rest of the UK Blues scene will soon realise – that Greg Brice is a proper talent. 


Upon release of his debut album in November 2022, Greg received 3 nominations in the 2023 UK Blues Awards, becoming a finalist in the ‘Emerging Act of the Year’ category.



Blues Matters - 'A brilliant set, mellow, musical, and thought provoking, a treat for the senses, a great musician.' 


Blues in Britain- 'incredible talent as a guitarist and songwriter' 


Fatea Mag- 'the most exquisite finger- picked acoustic blues that you could wish to hear. The performance reeked of authenticity'

IMG_0765 (2).JPG


- Gloucester Rhythm and Blues Festival - supporting Keith Thompson 

- The Musician - supporting The Cinelli Brothers

- Leek Blues and Americana Fest - supporting The Achievers

- The Soundhouse Leicester - supporting Connor Selby Band

- The Playhouse - supporting Benji Kirkpatrick (Bellowhead)

- The Musician - supporting Laurence Jones Band

- Berrybank - supporting Mark Harrison

Photo by Pauline Felstead
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